Sunday, August 3, 2014

Though I walk through the valley of the poison oak . . .



If you will just look beyond the cute boy in the tree, you'll see the ground is covered in . . . DANGER!!  Poison oak, to be precise.  The little plants growing in front of the bushes are some of the poison oak that was spread throughout the entire campground that we recently stayed at when we went to the coast for a quick trip.  When we learned what it was, during an exchange in which Rheanna bet Caleb $5 that it was poison oak and which he has yet to pay because he LOST, we felt we needed to instruct the kids how to recognize it so they would stay away from it.  When we saw that it was literally everywhere, we gave up on the detailed instruction and told them they were not allowed to touch any plants, period.  We seem to have come out unscathed.  And we had a lot of fun in the process.

So first we spent an afternoon on Sunset Beach.  Cassidi spent the entire time rolling in the sand.




DSC_0019Rheanna is becoming obsessed with (sigh) photo-bombing.  I thought they were supposed to grow out of that when they were eight.









After the beach, we went to camp to spend the night.  Cassidi spent most of the time rolling in the dirt.


Then the next day we explored the Redwood Trail.  Beautiful.










I shall fear no poison oak, for Tim is with me.

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leannelaw said...

Looks like you had a good time even with poison oak around. Fun!