Sunday, June 29, 2014

Keller's Creation

We recently celebrated Keller's birthday, so it seems appropriate that I post something about him at this time.  The picture above is from our recent Law Family camping trip where we were unintentionally introduced to the novelty of snow camping.  I can't say that I recommend it.

But back to the subject at hand.  Keller is very good about staying on top of his responsibilities and he has been independently working on his Faith in God award.  So occasionally he'll come up to me with his Faith and God book and say something like, "I'd like to pass off number 4 in Learning and Living the Gospel."  I'll say, "Ok," and then he'll tell me what he did to pass it off, I'll say "Ok" again and send him on his way while I congratulate myself on my excellent parenting skills.

So about a month ago, he came to me saying he'd like to pass off one of the requirements where you are asked to learn about the Creation and then do a play, or a picture, or song or something of that nature about the Creation.  Keller studied the Bible version of the Creation and then chose to write a poem, and I thought it was cute, so I'm going to share it with all of you.  Enjoy!

(There is no title)

The Lord created the world,
way before our time.
The first day he made the light and dark,
(I'm adding this to make it rhyme.)
The second day he divided the waters,
he put some on Earth and in the sky.
With the water in the sky he made the clouds,
I couldn't do that if I tried.
On the third day he made dry land
and also the great seas.
When he looked at it he saw it was good,
but it sill needed trees.
So he also made every herb,
and many plants and trees.
Of course we can't have one of each kind,
so with every plant he made seeds.
On the fourth day he made the Sun and moon,
one for the night, one for the day.
To accompany the moon he made the stars,
so at night they would both shine away.
The fifth day he made swimming beasts,
and the flying birds.
They prospered and spread all over the Earth,
this is what I heard.
The sixth day he made the animals,
the smallest bug to the biggest beast.
Then he made men after his own kind,
this was his last creation but not his least.

After that, doing his best,
the seventh day he took a rest.


leannelaw said...
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leannelaw said...

Way to go Keller. I love it! Keep up the good work. Love you! And just for the record - snow camping was fun - come on, admit it.